It was a mistake for Hakainde Hichilema to make Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM)-an insulting and violent person with a propensity to battering anyone who does not agree with him, including his wife, says Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Chairperson Sarah Longwe-his running mate.

Ms Longwe said GBM’s personal character was a danger which the country could not risk taking.
Speaking in an interview Ms Longwe said Mr. Mwamba should never be allowed to take up any leadership position in Zambia.

She said Mr. Mwamba was one person who would never change from his violent behaviour.
“We have said it over and over again that GBM is a batterer who can’t lead the country because he’s a threat to women, and anyone who crosses his path.”

“He has apologised several times but even the apology is questionable, because how many times has he apologised to his wife after he’s beaten her? He does it over and over again,” she said.

And Ms Longwe has reiterated the need to support women vying for various positions in next month’s general elections.

Ms. Longwe said that the women’s movement had initiated various campaigns strategies for all female candidates in the elections.

She observed that women were good leaders and would contribute massively to the development of the country if given a chance.

“We are supporting women who are participating in the elections at all levels. So far, we have issued posters and stickers which we are giving to various people. We also go in communities to encourage people to vote and support women,” Ms. Longwe said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Longwe has expressed sadness on the low number of women participating in this year’s general elections.

She said despite efforts to increase the number of women participation in elections, the number had remained marginally low.

“We are very unhappy that there are very few women participating in this year’s general elections. The percentages are alarming and this is before the election.

“So far the female Members of Parliament that have been nominated are 106, out of 661 which is 6percent, for the ward councillors its only 415 which is 9percent out of 4566 and for mayors its only 11 percent, only 40 women have been nominated out of 331. We are very disappointed,” she said.


Source: Lusaka Times