PEOPLE are fed up and even within the PF itself, it is getting hot in the kitchen, says National Democratic Congress vice-president Josephs Akafumba. The former PF Southern Province chairperson also says the ruling PF holds the cards to national dialogue but only if they can be genuine. In an interview, he said Zambians have not done enough to speak against the injustices, theft and corruption in the PF government.

“No, we have not done much but if you tell the PF that this is not the right way to rule the country, they will just say you are bitter, you don’t have issues,” he said. “However, 2021 is very near. As Zambians we must show our concerns by voting out this PF government.”

Akafumba advised NDC members not to fear or relent but continue speaking for the voiceless. He urged the NDC to be vigorous in party mobilisation.

“We must double up our efforts. We know that time is not with us as we have about 27 months before the general elections. But as the NDC, we have goodwill from the people because they are fed up and tired of this PF regime,” Akafumba said.

“Even within the PF itself, it is getting hot in the kitchen. PF members are no longer whispering, they are talking loud that there is an elephant in the room.”

On the rule of law, Akafumba said the statue of Lady Justice at the Lusaka High Court holding was no longer blind.

“The Lady Justice under the PF is no longer blind; she is seeing who is standing before her. She now can see what colour of the pants you are putting on. It should not be like that, the rule of law must not be selectively applied. The rule of law must be blind, it must apply to everyone fairly,” he said.

“The public order Act is one nuisance being perpetrated, abused for the benefit of the PF.”

Akafumba said had it been opposition members who had gathered outside the Supreme Court last Friday when the Constitutional Court rendered its decision on President Lungu’s eligibility to stand in 2021, police would have teargassed the cadres.

“This must be stopped. What the PF is doing now is setting a very bad precedent,” he said.

Akafumba said currently the opposition was operating under a very hostile regime. He noted with sadness that the police now even follow opposition leaders to church services. Meanwhile, Akafumba described Chishimba Kambwili as an extremely humble person.

“That man has a heart for the people…he has a listening ear, he is not bullish, he is someone you can tell that here you are wrong and he will listen,” Akafumba said. “So in CK you have a very good person for president and I

have no doubt that given an opportunity he can lead this nation to prosperity. CK is not a corrupt person, I have proof to that effect. Let give him a chance and we will not regret.”

On dialogue, he said all opposition political parties and the ruling PF must be involved. Akafumba said national dialogue was a window through which a lot of matters of national interest can be resolved.

“The PF holds the card to national dialogue, if only they can be genuine…but I doubt their sincerity. Let me bring you to speed on this issue. After President Edgar Lungu and HH [UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema] held a meeting, the PF media director [Sunday Chanda] said that it was nothing,” he recalled. “How does a junior official in the name of Sunday Chanda and [PF deputy media director] Antonia Mwanza throw water on such an important issue? For us we thought that this is very much important as a starting point for national dialogue.”

Akafumba said all political parties have issues they want to be addressed and so they must not be left out of the dialogue.

“We must be included in the process so that we look at a number of issues such as the public order Act, the electoral reform system, the Constitution and a number of issues,” said Akafumba.