MIKE Mulongoti says police questioning of Hakainde Hichilema was a waste of time and national resources. Meanwhile, Mulongoti demanded to know how the PF leaders have managed to be so wealthy in a short period of time. Commenting on the Zambian Police’s summoning of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to Ndola on charges of inciting Kitwe residents to riot, Mulongoti said the exercise was a waste of time and resources.

Mulongoti, the People Party president, wondered how one who was summoned on inciting allegations could be asked about privatisation.

“They are time wasters, also look at the costs involved…People must be serious about spending government money, the money must go for useful purposes like schools etc. To call a person all the way to Ndola, only to go and ask him those questions does not make sense,” he said.

Mulongoti commended the UPND leader for not responding to the police questions which mostly varied from roles he played during privatisation of the mines to whether he understood the difference between listing and selling.


“By not responding to them, he did a good thing because he was not summoned for privatisation, he was summoned for inciting. You now even begin to wonder, people who crafted those questions, if they were writing from their own conscious or they had instructions to ask questions of that nature,” he observed. “At law, you don’t answer a question that you think comforts you, you are summoned for killing a person then you are asked about adultery…No! There are people who have looted the economy so much. So now they should not waste time to go into the archives…. Our major concern is what they have done now but if they want to go in archives, time will come. We want them to tell us now how they have looted this economy, how they have managed to be so wealthy in a short period of time,” said Mulongoti.

During the interrogations on Tuesday, Hakainde elected to give a “no comment” response to all  questions put to him.

Police then recorded a warn and caution statement from the opposition leader.

And Hichilema told, the people that joined him in solidarity at the police, that he was not afraid.

“Now is time to unite as a people for a common purpose and that is moving our country forward, bettering the lives of our people among other progressive things,” he said. “And we would like to assure the nation which we so dearly love that: we will continue speaking for our country. We will continue speaking for the oppressed. We will continue speaking against poverty when our country is blessed. We will continue speaking against the corrupt and their insatiable appetite to sell our country’s strategic assets. And as per our constitutional right, we decided to remain silent during the interrogation process at the Copperbelt Police Division as warn and caution has been recorded against us but this does not scare us because there are others who fought for our country’s independence from colonial masters and not working to uphold our democracy is tantamount to letting them down. And remember, it’s Zambia and Zambians first. People power! Our power! Our land!”

To Copperbelt residents, Hichilema said: “Abena Kopala, and to all of you, once more we say thank you, thank you and thank you for your continued support.”