PF has duped Zambians, says UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

He said Zambians were frustrated with the PF government’s failure to deliver on their 2016 campaign promises. Mwamba told journalists in Lusaka on Monday that Zambians were “pissed off” with the PF upon realising that they ushered in a wrong government.

“People are living in frustration because what the PF government promised them during the last general elections in 2016 is not what is on the ground. In short, the PF are not giving the people what they promised them; they have duped the people of Zambia in short. Zambians are hurting, Zambians are hungry, Zambians don’t know what to do now,” he said.

“If you walk the streets of the country, including the remote areas, you can see that people are frustrated with this government of Edgar Lungu. Even those that voted for them, they are so pissed off with this government now that they have realised they ushered in a wrong government.”

Mwamba said President Lungu’s ‘humbleness’ could not compare to late PF founder and former president Michael Sata’s love for people.

He said people now think 2021 was too far.

“A humble man as he was perceived, they [people] are asking how they can eat humbleness. We would rather have a person like the late Sata who was never humble but he had a heart for the people of Zambia. Had he been around today, this country would have been a different Zambia because he loved the people of Zambia. He had the passion for Zambians,” Mwamba said.

“People are very, very frustrated, they even think 2021 is just too far. What I am saying is exactly what they are telling us. And this is not only coming from the opposition political party members but even PF itself because they have been affected as well. Fortunately, it’s not only the opposition who are affected, even the insiders in PF they have been affected.”

Mwamba urged Zambians not to be deceived again.

“People should not be duped again by PF. Those who were doubting Thomases when we told them that Edgar had no vision as he had rightly put it across himself; it’s true he had no vision but Zambians did not believe us, they thought maybe [UPND leader] Hakainde Hichilema just wanted power. I’m sure they have now proved that it’s not about power that Hakainde Hichilema wanted, he just has quality leadership skills in him. Today Zambia would have been totally a different place to live in,” Mwamba said.

He added that Zambians should tighten their belts as tougher times were yet to come.

“Zambians should brace for harder times, they are yet to come, we have about 34 months to go before the next election,” Mwamba asked.

He said the economy had now been taken over by the Chinese while the government was watching.

“For the first time in the history of Zambia, Zambians of Indian origin cannot run their businesses profitably. Some of them are winding up which was unheard of since independence. I never saw ‘mwenye awa’ (an Indian business winding up), but in Edgar Lungu’s economy, people are winding up their businesses in favour of the Chinese,” said Mwamba.

“The Chinese have taken over the economy. Today we are buying land from the Chinese at very exorbitant prices and the government is watching. And they say they are pro-poor government; that is rubbish. This government is only for the rich, that’s all. As for Zambians we have seen for ourselves, time to talk will come. You should also talk.”