Patriotic Front Media Director Antonio Mwanza has clarified that former President Edgar Lungu has retired from active politics as evidenced by his letter submitted to cabinet office although he retains the right as a citizen to comment on political matters.

Mr Mwanza explains that chapter 15 of the benefits of former presidents act defines what being in active politics means, which include the doing of any act indicating a person’s intention to hold elective or appointive office, or the holding of elective office or appointive office in a political party or in an organization whose main aim is the furtherance of political objectives.

Speaking when he featured on Friday’s edition of Let The People Talk Programme, Mr. Mwanwza argues that Mr. Lungu is therefore no longer in active politics and has no control of decisions of the pf as he is not in any leadership position

Mr. Mwanza notes that there is a notion by some sections of society that the former head of state should not comment on matters affecting the country but warns that Mr. Lungu will not keep quiet when his family is allegedly being persecuted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwanza has reiterated that the current fight against corruption is allegedly a malicious campaign aimed at denting the image of the former President Edgar Lungu and the patriotic front.

By Leah Ngoma