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Zambian Politics is a voice of, by and about Zambian Political maters – aggregating, producing and distributing numerous political news and information items daily from most of Zambian news organizations and our own reporters to a Zambian and global public.

We Started operations just before the 2016 Presidential Elections, That was when we realized the countrymen and women were thirsting for a Specifically Zambian Politics News Website, after that we immediately got to work, We operate from Lusaka, Zambia.


We get our Articles from Trusted Sources and you might notice at the end of each Published Article we put credit the Source from where the article comes from, we have 3 sets of Sources

Class A – Most Reliable (when we get articles from them, we post immediately)

Class B – Reliable (when we get news from them, we investigate then post)

Class C – Unreliable (when we get news from them, we investigate thoroughly then post)