By Leah Ngoma

Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe says Chawama catholic church parish priest father Anthony Salangeta was right to question president Hakainde Hichilema’s use of graphs during his press briefing at state house recently as the diagrams did not give a complete picture of the country`s economy.

Dr M’membe notes with concern that the head of state mainly attributed changes in Zambia’s Gross Domestic Product-GDP- levels since 1970s to date to leadership while ignoring other important factors, adding that striving to grow the country`s GDP is not the same as ensuring the better wellbeing of citizens.

Speaking when he featured on Friday’s edition of let the people talk program on Phoenix FM this morning, Dr M’membe said citizens are not interested in complicated theories but improvement in the material conditions under which they live.

He is therefore of the view that it is unfair for the entire ruling UPND system including the president to harshly criticize the priest for questioning the head of state’s use of graphs as religious leaders have the right to participate in the affairs of the country and matters that affect people.

Dr M’membe adds that it is unfortunate that when religious and traditional leaders speak in favour of politicians, they are perceived to be speaking for the people but when critical, they are accused of being politicians.

Father Salangeta has come under attack after criticizing the use of a graph by president Hichilema during his press briefing recently saying people will not eat graphs.


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