A PASTOR accused of raping an 18-year-old woman has told a court that he never forced himself on the victim and that she is actually the one who put a condom on him before the two copulated.

This is in a case George Phiri, 30, of United End of Times Church in Kanyama Township, is charged with rape, an offence he denies committing.

Last August, the clergyman was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing the women whom he was supposed to cure severe stomach pain believed to be a spiritual attack which caused her to stop going to school.

The court heard that during the alleged sexual abuse, Phiri smeared white powder on the woman’s private part and sprinkled some water on her body.

It was claimed that the ‘ritual’, performed when the women is naked in bed, was to exorcize the victim of a spiritual husband.

The court head that after the spiritual cleansing ‘exorcism’, Phiri offered to sponsor the girl’s education and that it was agreed between them that she would be his girlfriend after she completes school.

After the prosecution adduced all the evidence, the court found the pastor with a case to answer and placed him on his defence.

In his defence, Phiri denied the allegations claiming that the victim actually rolled a condom on him before the two made out at a lodge.

“I wanted to wear a condom but she held me by my right hand. She took the condom and put it on me,that’s how I had sex with her. She [later] went to the room and took a bath,” he testified.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, 27h May, 2023)

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