Fake Soldier Nabbed

By Buffalo Reporter 

The Zambia Army has apprehended a man only identified as Sebba Milambo, seemingly in his early 50s, for alleged criminal impersonation.

Milambo, who is currently detained at Chisekesi Police Post in Southern Province and is expected to appear in court soon, is believed, among others, to have been using a Zambia Army uniform and masquerade as a soldier.

Preliminary reports indicate that the accused and his fellows have formed a syndicate that is wearing the Army  combat around Chisekesi and surrounding areas for reasons yet to be established. 

According to Zambia Army Public Relations and Foreign Liaison Director, Colonel Martin Kalaluka Liyungu, Milambo's case will be used as a precedent to deter others who are fond of committing similar crimes. The military police and Zambia Police are on it to establish the source the uniforms and who else is keeping them in their homes. 

Col Liyungu, therefore, warned that Zambia Army will not tolerate such irresponsible behavior by some members of the public who want to tarnish its name by engaging in criminal activities.

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