Guardian's Gaze: The Poetic Inspector General

Zambia, a serene and peaceful country, has never experienced the horrors of war throughout its history. However, recent events indicate that the nation is facing a different kind of crisis – a crisis of hunger and economic collapse. 

The Inspector General of Police's decision to prevent opposition parties from holding rallies until the security situation improves is an indirect admission that the food security situation is dire. It is not about concerns regarding intergroup conflicts, political turmoil, or tribal clashes, as Zambia has been blessed with harmony in these aspects.

Alarming reports have surfaced about the hunger situation in the country. The cost of living has become exorbitant, crippling the lives of ordinary citizens. The economy is hanging by a thread, and the exchange rate has reached unprecedented levels. If the Inspector General is referring to these failures as security concerns, then one would have to agree with him.

However, the top cop's strategy of banning rallies will not deter the people of Zambia from rising against a dictatorial government. It will not quell their voices against police brutality, arbitrary arrests, unlawful detentions, and the soaring cost of living. While the opposition may not have the chance to hold public rallies, the spirit of resistance finds a way to manifest itself in various aspects of everyday life.

Rallies take place within the confines of sitting rooms, where families gather and scramble for their meager meals. They occur in churches and government offices, among civil servants and believers alike. Marketers gather to sell their goods, and passengers become united in their shared struggles as they travel by bus or minibus.

Come August 2026, the people of Zambia will rise to speak out against the divisive forces of tribalism, nepotism, and regionalism. They will strive to restore democracy and good governance, seeking to rebuild a nation shattered by corruption and mismanagement. Even attempts to rig the elections through electronic voting will not deter their determination.

The indomitable spirit of Zambia will prevail, echoing the resilience and strength of its people. Though the path may be riddled with challenges, the Zambians will stand united, refusing to be silenced in their pursuit of a better future. They will write a new chapter, one marked by justice, equality, and prosperity for all.

In the face of adversity, Zambia will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, proving that even in the absence of war, the battle for a just and prosperous society continues. In the heart of Zambia, where unity resides,

Amidst the struggles and turmoil that presides, A nation emerges, bold and resilient, With voices united, their spirits brilliant.

Through hardship and hunger, they find their way, Crafting a future where justice holds sway. With each dawn that breaks, their hope takes flight, For in their hearts, they carry a vision so bright. No bounds can contain their collective plea, As Zambia's soul dances, wild and free.

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