Pregnant woman dies after being beaten by her husband, police say


A WOMAN carrying a seven months old pregnancy has died in Nchelenge district after being beaten by her husband.

Prudence Chabala,40, was kicked in her stomach by her 50 year old husband until she became unconscious.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the couple differed after Musonda Chisuza was accused of causing health complications in his wife’s pregnancy because he was a womanizer.

Mr Hamoonga said the accusations did not sit well with Mr Chisuza resulting in a fight which led to the death of his wife.

“Brief facts are that on January 2,2024 around 16:00 hours whilst at home the deceased complained to her husband of being the cause of her sickness during her pregnancy because of womanizing, that made him upset and it was at that point he started kicking his pregnant wife in the stomach and she became unconscious, later she was rushed to Chisenga Island Rural health center where she was admitted,” said Mr Hamoonga.

He said her condition got worse and she was referred to Mbeleshi Mission Hospital where she died three days later.

Mr Hamoonga said the suspect is detained in police custody.

(Mwebantu,Tuesday, 9th January, 2024)

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