Two Chinese and a Korean Investor have been granted

permission by the Lusaka High Court to commence

proceedings to commit Director General of Immigration

Japhet Lishomwa to prison for contempt of court.


The Lusaka high court granted deported business

investors an ex-parte order for leave to issue

committal proceedings.

Last week, the Zambian Civil Liberties Union had

Condemned the Immigration Department for disobeying the

directive by the high court to issue temporarily

permits to the three business investors who were due to

attend their first judicial review on 31 st January 2024.

The proceedings failed to take off but were adjourned

mainly on account that the immigration department had

not yet complied with the high court order despite

being served with the high court ruling and 2

application for temporary permits being made.

According to the evidence filed in the High Court by

lawyers for the three business investors, GM Legal

Practitioners, Immigration Officers at Kenneth Kaunda

International Airport declined to receive the ruling of

the court on 27th January 2024 which directed them to

issue temporary permits to the three.

Further evidence submitted to the court shows that the

Director General and the Attorney General received the

court ruling on 29 th January, 2024 from the lawyers, and the Chinese Investors were made to pay a total of

K36, 360 to the immigration department for the temporary permits but the immigration department still did not issue the permits as directed by the court.

According to the lawyers who now seek to commit Mr.

Lishomwa to prison, he is not intending or

willing to respect the court and claimed the delay is

manifesting disobedience to the court.

Meanwhile, ZCLU Executive Director Isaac Mwanza has

insisted that state institutions and all persons in

Zambia are under an obligation to respect the court and

any disrespect of the courts shows a breakdown in the

rule of law.

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