MINISTER of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu has disclosed that Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda is stable, able to speak, and has no serious physical injuries.

Addressing the media this morning, Mr Mwiimbu said the Member of Parliament was found in Kafue by Zambia Police, working together with members of the public following his plea yesterday.

He said the government does not know who is behind the abduction of Mr Banda, and therefore he has been moved from a private health facility to Maina Soko Military Hospital for his safety.

"I want to inform the nation that our colleague is in a safe environment until we thoroughly investigate the matter. We need to protect him; we do not know who is responsible for the abduction. I would like to assure the family that we will ensure the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to book. It is in the interest of the nation and the family to know who is behind this criminal activity," he said.

Mr Mwiimbu called on Mr Banda's family to cooperate as law enforcement agencies endeavor to find the perpetrators of the crime.

"It is in their interest to ensure that their brother or uncle is in a safe environment. Maina Soko Military Hospital is a safe and secure environment, and the medical personnel there are very professional. I would like to appeal to the public not to be misled by malicious reports being circulated; no harm will occur to our colleague. We have worked throughout the night to ensure that he is safe. We shall investigate the matter and the nation will be informed of the outcome. We have nothing to hide, as it is in our interest to ensure that the truth is established. I would like to call on the public not to be swayed by politicians and not to do anything inimical to the people of Zambia. Let's not allow people to make hate speech or tribal remarks," Mr Mwiimbu said.

(Mwebantu, Monday, May 27th, 2024)

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