President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has launched construction works to upgrade the 327 kilometer Lusaka-Ndola Road into a dual carriageway.

The project which also includes rehabilitation of the 45-kilometre stretch of the Luanshya-Fisenge- Masangano Road will be constructed at a cost of 650 million U.S Dollars.

Speaking during the launch of the project in Kapiri Mposhi, President HICHILEMA said the road will reduce travel time and reduce the cost of doing business.

President HICHILEMA also said the project is a response to improving the safety profile on the stretch that has recorded a number of fatal road accidents.

And the President has urged Zambian to choose wisely between leaders who are focused on delivering development and those that are politicking and fanning divisions.

Speaking during the ceremony, Infrastructure Minister CHARLES MULIPI said the upgrading of the road and the construction of the Luansyha Fisenge -Masangano road is a  fulfillment of the UPND campaign promises.

And Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy  WANG SHENG  said the construction of the Lusaka Ndola is an affirmation of the relations shared  between Zambia and China.

Mr SHENG said China also remains committed to cooperating with Zambia in its infrastructure development .

And Macro Ocean Investments Consortium limited has assured the country of a good quality infrastructure in the stipulated period of 3 years.

Central Province Minister  PRINCESS KASUNE and Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament  STANLEY KAKUBO thanked the Government for starting the construction of the Lusaka Ndola dual carriageway.

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