HOURS after the arrest of three of his kin on corruption-related charges yesterday, former president Edgar Lungu declared that he was seeing political light at the end of the tunnel.

After a whole day of interrogations at the DEC headquarters in Lusaka yesterday, lawyers confirmed that Lungu’s wife Esther, daughter Chiyeso and nephew Charles Phiri had all been charged with money laundering and possession of properties reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Despite the arrest, they were released on bond to await court appearance. 

Reacting to the arrest, Lungu who is also pressure group United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) defacto leader took to his Facebook page where he also confirmed the arrests through a written statement. 

"Following the whole day of interviews, my wife, Chiyeso, and Mr. Phiri have been charged with possession of property allegedly obtained through proceeds of crime, a charge we will challenge in the courts of law," Lungu wrote.

Lungu said he was eternally thankful to those that supported his family as they appeared at DEC yesterday. 

"I am fully aware that all our supporters and sympathizers were physically chased by UPND thugs, who were ferried in buses to camp at DEC the whole day," Lungu claimed. 

"We remain focused and see political light at the end of the tunnel," concluded Lungu. 

On May 19, Lungu told church gathering mobilised by his supporter Dan Pule that, having been president for seven years, he was capable of planning through his push of returning to State House.

Lungu said his objectives could even be achieved before 2026.

Kalemba May 31, 2024

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