Zambian journalist makes goal-den move, becomes FIFA football agent

OLIVER Nzala, a Zambian journalist and public relations specialist, has successfully completed the rigorous FIFA exams, transforming himself from a reporter on the sidelines to a key player in the game. 

Nzala's achievement is a significant milestone, making him one of the few Africans to become a FIFA Football Agent.

The new FIFA agent's journey to achieving this milestone showcases his passion for the game to contribute in different ways possible.

He described the FIFA exams as a challenging match, requiring hard work and unwavering focus to emerge victorious. 

Nzala challenged Zambians to take up the Challenge and become FIFA Football agent agents as well.

Now, armed with his new qualifications, Nzala is eager to use his position to empower Zambian and African soccer. 

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba May 30, 2024

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