The Zambia National Service (ZNS) Commander, Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi has appealed to Zesco Limited to prioritize uninterrupted power supply to two critical milling plants in Western Province.

The Milling Plants which include Country Millers and APG, have been facing production challenges due to power outages, leading to erratic supply of mealie meal in Mongu and surrounding areas.
Lt Gen Solochi's appeal comes after a tour of the affected plants yesterday to witnessed firsthand the impact of load shedding on mealie meal production and appreciate the challenges they were facing.
The ZNS Commander emphasized the importance of uninterrupted power supply to ensure full production capacity and a steady supply of the staple commodity.

"Excluding these critical milling plants from load shedding schedules will ensure a steady supply of mealie meal to the people of Mongu and beyond, We therefore make an enerst appeal to ZESCO to consider our request and support our efforts to enhance food security in the region,” he said.
The milling plants, which have a combined production capacity of 310 tonnes per day inclusive of Sioma Milling Plant , have seen their production output reduced to just 25 per cent of their potential due to load shedding.
The reduced production has led to panic buying and anxiety among residents of Mongu and the surrounding areas.

The initiative once implemented is expected to promote full-capacity production and stabilization of the mealie meal supply chain in the Western region.
In response, ZESCO's area Manager, Mr Teddy Chiyasa pledged to seriously consider the ZNS Commander's appeal and work towards finding a solution to the power supply challenges facing the milling plants starting with Country Millers.

The ZNS Commander commended Zesco for their commitment to providing reliable power supply to milling plants, a move that will significantly boost food security in the region.
Meanwhile, Country Millers Mukumbuta Mukumbuta announced plans to open a new plant in Kaoma, in partnership with ZNS, to better serve the population in that area and surrounding regions.
The move is part of ongoing efforts to enhance food security in the nation and support local economies.
The ZNS Commander lauded Country Millers for their nationalistic approach to business and committed to deepening the partnership for the good of the people of Western Province.
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