Nkana Member of Parliament, Hon. Binwell Mpundu, has extended a bold proposal to the United Party for National Development (UPND). Known for his unwavering stance and vocal presence, Hon. Mpundu has publicly announced his willingness to resign his parliamentary seat under specific conditions, potentially triggering a by-election.

In a direct statement posted on his Facebook page, Hon. Mpundu addressed UPND, offering a unique deal centered around Hon. Jay Jay Banda. 

"I have a proposal for you, UPND, since you seem to have a lot of appetite for more seats in Parliament. Please drop the nonsense on Jay Jay and I will convince him so that the two of us can resign, and you can have by-elections in Nkana and Petauke on top of those nine seats you want to have by-elections in," stated Hon. Mpundu.

Hon. Mpundu's offer would not only add Nkana and Petauke to the by-election roster but would also escalate the political stakes significantly. 

"In fact, I will also resign if you proceed to have those nine by-elections so that we can give you ten seats if you refuse to take my proposed deal on Hon. Jay Jay," Hon. Mpundu added.

For now, all eyes remain on UPND's leadership as they deliberate on Hon. Mpundu's striking proposition, with the potential for significant shifts in parliamentary representation hanging in the balance.

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