Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili holds the record of being the only man to have allegedly stolen a rail-line that connected Luanshya and Ndola. It’s believed as a scrape-metal dealer, Kambwili sold the rail-line in a neigbouring country. How the outspoken former information minister and PF founder did that is an answer only he can best explain. And how he got away with it remains a mystery.

Despite that questionable record, Kambwili enjoys massive support among his followers especially on the Copperbelt. He is actually a crowd puller. Not even his militant persona has once sold him off. He just knows how to rabble rouse.

The best thing the Patriotic Front will do if they are to stop Kambwili is to watch him; and watch him very closely. Otherwise, his anti current regime stance is slowly chewing into the popularity of the ruling party on the Copperbelt where they have enjoyed considerable support since 2006.

And going by Kambwili’s manouvers, one will not be too far from predicting he was a good student of the Michael Sata school of politics. It is this type of politicians that have turned the course of leadership in the country. They appeal to emotions by playing on people’s feelings.

Kambwili has since being ejected from President Edgar Lungu’s cabinent carefully thrown jibes at the ruling party to portray himself as the people’s man. And it seems he is winning some soul. Before anyone knows it, Kambwili will be contesting the presidential election. It’s best to watch him, and watch very closely.