Inspector General of Police warns PF!

The Zambia Police Service would like to sternly warn members of the public that are calling for the unlawful assembly at the Drug Enforcement Commission following the Summoning of the Former First Lady Madam Esther Lungu tomorrow 26th July, 2022.

It is a normal practice for Law Enforcement Agencies when making an inquiry to call someone for an interview. We are further warning people planning to escort her that they are doing a disservice to her as they will be committing an offence of unlawful assembly. 

We are aware of the recordings were well known people are challenging, wanting to beat the police and planning to cause mayhem by bringing students from the Copperbelt. Youths are therefore advised not to be used as tools to disrupt peace.

As Zambia Police Service, we shall not allow any person to break the law with impunity instead we shall deal with the perpetrators individually. We have mobilised enough manpower to deal with those wanting to break the law with impunity. 

Furthermore, we have deployed enough officers on the route from Copperbelt to Lusaka or any other to ensure that no bus or vehicle carrying suspected protesters will be allowed to come to Lusaka and cause mayhem instead these said vehicles will be impounded and the occupants detained.

Lemmy Kajoba


25TH JULY, 2022

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