POLICE in Lusaka have recovered an assortment of items ranging from Laptops, cell phones, television sets and motor vehicles.

The recoveries were made after investigations by police and so far 15 suspects have been apprehended.

Zambia police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said among the 15 suspects apprehended, 12 of them are specialized in breaking buildings by cutting the roof tops.

” Among the stolen items are 91 assorted Laptops, 40 assorted CPUs, 30 assorted mobile phones, 23 Assorted computer monitors, Seven  Assorted pairs of shoes, one Set of headsets, two Television sets, five assorted bags, one hair dryer, one Printer ,two jackets and one Grinder used by criminals to break into buildings,” he said.

He said three other suspects were specialised in climbing walls and gained entry mostly through windows which are left open or any opening to the building.

“The following other items were also recovered Toyota Vitz registration numbers ALL 5333 Gold in colour, Assorted motor vehicle parts of different model of motor vehicles, 77 bells of second hand clothes (Salaula), One Samsung 32 inches, Two LG 55 inches, One Samsung TV 90 inches, One Echo TV 55 inches, One Sawing machine ,One Key board, One Subwoofer, One Big Speaker, One Radio with 3 speakers, Two Deep Freezer, Two AK 47 rifles which has since been submitted for ballistic examination at police service Headquarters and Two pistols,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said there were three suspects for Theft of Motor vehicles and in connection with the dismantled parts of different motor vehicles and two suspects in the cases of breaking in connection with the 77 bells of second hand clothes (Salaula).

“At Chelstone Police Station we are holding two  notorious  Burglars who are ex-convicts identified as Kennedy Simwanza aged 24 of unknown house number in Kabanana Compound Lusaka and Richard Daka aged 42 also of unknown house number in Mtendere Lusaka. These  are believed to be behind a spate of breakings in Chelstone and surrounding areas and they were recently nabbed from Garden compound Lusaka after vigorous investigations they are also involved in breaking into boarding houses for female students,” he said.

He said also recovered is a pistol with rubbed serial number from one notorious and dangerous criminal identified as Onole Muchemwa aged 28 of unmarked house in 13 miles also a Congolese national who was recently shot dead. Police Investigations are ongoing.

“We have also so far recovered the following items Two Laptops, Four Plasma TVs, Six Assorted Cellphones, A  Toyota Corolla and Two Totoya Ist Registration Numbers: BAG 4257 ZM, ALJ 2788 and a Toyota Allion registrstion number BAT 181 which motor vehicles are believed to be stolen or be used to transport stolen items of which other assorted items which have since been claimed by rightful owners,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 16th November, 2022)

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