By Michael Kaluba
The Millers Association of Zambia -MAZ- has disclosed that demand for Mealie Meal has drastically reduced on the Zambian market over the past one month, with some millers having a bulk of the commodity stuck in their storage facilities and warehouses.
According to MAZ President Andrew Chintala, an assessment of the stock of Mealie Meal in some milling companies in the Copperbelt especially, reveals that retailers and distributors are not buying as much of the commodity due to reduced demand by consumers.
Mr. Chintala has however explained that this is not surprising because demand normally declines between February and April every year, as the country begins to receive fresh farm produce which offer consumers alternative food choices.
He tells Phoenix News that prior to this period, a high demand for the commodity on the local market saw retailers buying mealie meal in bulk at a high rate and leading to shortages in some parts of the country.

And as stakeholders look to release old stock and receive the new stock of maize around May this year, Mr. Chintala says a regulated export agreement with the government, whose discussions are ongoing regarding the relevant regulations, is already in place and will allow for exports of mealie meal without disturbing Zambia’s food security.