A manhunt has been launched for a woman who allegedly dumped a baby near the Chelston Clinic main entrance shortly after giving birth.

The baby weighing 2.9 Kilogrammes (Kgs) was found wrapped in rags and a torn dress by a security guard who was on duty yesterday.

Nicholas Chiyokoma 39 a security guard at the clinic reported that around 01:40 hours he discovered that there was an abandoned infant at the gate.

“The male baby weighing 2.9 Kilograms appears to be in good health with no abnormalities and further it is alleged that the baby was well cared for and was delivered by a skilled professional,”said Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga.

The baby is being kept at the clinic and a search for its mother has been instituted.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 4th January, 2024)

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