…the Socialist Party Leader not only NOTE of high corruption, costs, but also expressed concern over healthcare in Zambia

Lusaka, Thursday, January 4, 2024

Fred M'membe, a prominent leader of the Socialist Party in Zambia has expressed his disappointment with the Hakainde Hichilema-led government’s handling of critical issues in the country.

M’membe’s criticism focused on concerns such as corruption, high living costs, inadequate healthcare, and the state of education and economic development.

According to M’membe, the government has failed to address the pressing healthcare needs of the nation, including the high cost of medical treatment and the lack of accessible healthcare facilities.

He called for increased investment and comprehensive reforms that prioritize quality and accessible healthcare for all citizens.

M’membe also expressed his dissatisfaction with the government’s negligence in improving the education system.

He urged for reforms that would ensure better educational opportunities for all and bridge the gaps in education.

The government’s economic development policies also came under scrutiny from M’membe.

He criticized their ineffectiveness and called for an environment that supports successful businesses and job creation.

M’membe emphasized the importance of comprehensive economic development strategies that address social disparities and prioritize the welfare of all citizens.

Corruption was a major area of concern for M’membe, who denounced the lack of transparency and accountability within the government.

He demanded immediate action to combat corruption and cronyism, calling for a fair and just society that puts the well-being of its citizens first.

M’membe also accused the government of disregarding democratic principles and suppressing the fundamental rights of Zambian citizens.

He called for a renewed commitment to upholding democratic values and ensuring the active participation of the people in governance.

M’membe’s critique has sparked a call for change and accountability within the government.

Many citizens resonate with his concerns about the government’s handling of pressing issues and are looking for alternative leadership that promises equity, justice, and solidarity for a better future.

As Zambia approaches future elections, M’membe and his Socialist Party position themselves as a potential solution to address the nation’s challenges.

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