A 43-YEAR-OLD man of lusaka has sworn to maintain the name of Lusaka men after he impregnated a 20-year-old young lady and decided to keep the act a secret because he is married.

John Singwingi was dragged to the Matero court for damage compensation by Hachindu, 33 of Chipata Compound, the uncle to Enna Ngoma, the young lady he impregnated.

According to Ngoma who was also present in court, Singwindi, who is twice her age and enough to be her father proposed love to her when she was only 19 years old.

After accepting him, he did not delay to to indulge in sexual intercourse with her, and being a virgin, that she was, her conceiving chances were not far.

“When he first slept with me, I saw blood coming out from my private parts because I was a virgin. And after I told him I was pregnant, he accepted to have impregnated me but told me that he would not marry me because he was already a married man, and I didn’t know before,” said Ngoma.

And her uncle told the court that they had called Singwindi before to seat him down and even charged him K20, 000 but since the time the pregnancy was three months, he has never paid anything.

“Each time we call him to pay, he says tie my hands but leave my legs so I can walk, but up to now, he has done nothing. Not even the child’s clothes have been bought and my niece is now eight months pregnant,” Hachindu complained.

However, in his defence, Singwindi told the court that he would pay anything that the court orders him to do, except marrying her as his wife at home is unaware of his alert mistake.

“I am married with four children at home, so am kindly asking if I can first finish with the pregnancy maintenance before I start paying for her damage. My wife doesn't know she is pregnant and she is eight months pregnant, so I also need to buy the baby's clothes and her maternity requirements,” pleaded the defendant.

“So you as an elder, is it right for you to look at someone worth to be your child sexually? Did they tell you to start sleeping with children? You leave your women at home and start sleeping with children.

“So now instead of you to be maintaining your four children you now want to start spending money elsewhere. Whenever you are sexually pressed, please go and sleep with your wife, that’s why she is there. Even you, you should learn to say no, this man is like your father,” said Magistrate Harriet Mulenga.

Magistrate Mulenga then concluded that the court adjourn judgement of the matter to a later date until the defendant finishes buying all the baby’s and maternity requirements.

“You are giving pressure on others this uncle to the girl is also young. Don’t take advantage of young girls, lying to them with sweets and leaving them with pain, she is too young and didn’t know anything. So the court will adjourn this matter and by 31st May all the requirements must be brought because she will deliver in June,” said Magistrate Mulenga.

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