Kambwili Reacts to Obed Kasongo case

 “I have suffered many court cases , so I will not be careless to say that Bowman Lusambo Killed Obed Kasongo. That is tantamount to defamation,” Patriotic Front (PF) member Chishimba Kambwili has said.

Reacting to social media backlash over an article he is alleged to have stated that the late National Democratic Congress (NDC) youth chairperson Obed Kasongo died of Malaria and not from an assault allegedly perpertuated by Kabushi Lawmaker Mr Lusambo, Mr Kambwili said he will not be subjected to face court for defamation.

He however said that his statement to police will remain as it is, but that if people were aggrieved over the postmortem report which indicated that Mr Kasongo died of Malaria, they should seek a second opinion.

“At no point have I ever said that Bowman did not kill Kasongo. All I said is that there is a postmortem which indicates that he died of Malaria and it was carried out by a Russian pathologist. So those who feel that the postmortem is wrong, they have a right to a second opinion. Otherwise, the family have informed me that they will go by the postmortem currently available and have no plans to exhume the body,” he said.

Speaking at a media briefing at his residence, Mr Kambwili said people who needed a second opinion should go to police and check the records because it is up to police to open the records.

“I have been attacked left , right and center over the article. As I stand, I will not accuse anyone to say that they killed Mr Kasongo, it is not me to say that,” he said.

The former National Democratic Congress party leader also condemned , what he described as an unbecoming behaviour of transporting political opponents to far flung areas when an alleged crime is committed.

“I am not against people being arrested, the security wings have a right when they feel someone has perpertuated a crime. However, being bundled up and dragged to far flung areas to answer to charges should come to an end. Such an act is an extra judicial punishment which is not confirmatory with the law,” he said.

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