Former President Edgar Lungu says the authorities can take away his immunity and is ready to answer to any charges that will follow.

Speaking when PF Members of Parliament visited him and his wife Esther Lungu at his residence, Mr. Lungu said talking about him hiding behind his immunity is not correct because he is not hiding anything.

Mr. Lungu who alleged that the strategy is to kill PF and his political life because the government is worried that he can still influence certain things said law enforcement agencies are at liberty to pursue him even now and is ready to answer to any charges.

He said that he is aware that he will be the next person to be summoned by the Law Enforcement Agencies after his wife - saying it is a sequence that is clear which started with his daughter Tasila Mwansa.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu said some people lied into power saying lessons can be learned from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who recently resigned his position.