The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit arrested a former SOS Children’s Villages employee for theft and money laundering involving over K24 million. 

In August 2021, SOS Children’s Villages Zambia discovered that the individual had been illegally diverting funds, which were supposed to be remitted to the Zambia Revenue Authority as income taxes, to his personal bank account from June 2017 to July 2021.

Immediately upon discovering the fraud in 2021, SOS Children’s Villages Zambia alerted the law enforcement agencies and their subsequent investigations led to the current arrest of the individual. In August 2021, SOS Children’s Villages Zambia immediately conducted internal audits to identify systemic gaps and implemented various corrective measures including implementation of stricter check and balance system to prevent similar risks happening in the future. 

SOS Children’s Villages Zambia would like to use this opportunity to express its commitment for justice on the individual’s criminal act, dereliction of duty and abuse of trust for about four years. The organization reiterates its position and commitment towards its core values of courage, trust and accountability in all its programmes, operational procedures and financial transactions. The action of the individual is an isolated incident that does not represent the values, beliefs or actions of the organization or any of the other employees who have dedicated their careers to serving children without parental care, youth and communities to enable them succeed in life. 

About SOS Children’s Villages Zambia 

SOS Children’s Villages Zambia has 26 years of experience in the country providing alternative care for children and strengthening families and communities to enable them provide quality care and protection for children without and at risk of losing parental care. The organization provides family-like care for 691 children in four programme locations and implement family strengthening development programmes that are benefiting over 7,600 children.  

SOS Children’s Villages Zambia is a member association of SOS Children’s Villages International federation, which is a non-governmental and non-denominational organization represented in 136 countries and territories around the world. The federation members work with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children are fulfilled in every society.

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