By Shem Malinda

ZESCO Limited has disclosed that it is engaging high power consuming entities to pull back power usage to mitigate the effects of the six-hour load management on the citizenry.

Company Managing Director Victor Mapani says the company is engaging players such as Konkola Copper Mine-KCM to reduce power usage from 210 Megawatts to 70 Megawatts to mitigate the impact on other consumers.

Mr. Mapani adds that unlike weeks before, there has been a steady increase in water levels at Lake Kariba in the last thirty days, which can help minimise the load management.

Meanwhile, a poultry farmer Tendai Posiana says the start of blackouts will have a negative impact on small-scale poultry farmers leading to an increase in the price of chicken products.

On December 2, 2022, Minister of Energy Peter Kampala announced on the floor of Parliament that, beginning December 15th, a six-hour power rationing move would be effected.

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